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A Broken Hearted Birthday Wish

I keep your memory with me daily.
I can feel your love in my heart.
Even though you're not here with me ...
Our love can't be torn apart.

Your birthday will soon be here.
I don't know how I'll survive.
I want you here with me to celebrate:
To help me again feel alive.

I know if you were here with me,
you would want me to celebrate.
But I don't know how I can do that ...
How do I ever get through this date?

My child, whom I love so dearly,
just left me in the blink of an eye.
Now, I find myself talking to you daily.
I need to feel you close when I cry.

And now as your birthday rolls around,
I can't help but think of the past.
I have enough memories of your laughter...
But do I have enough to last?  

So keep your Mom's heart close to you
when your birthday draws nigh.
Oh yes, I'll need your strength, my child,
to let your birthday pass me by.

  Kaye Des'Ormeaux  2003

Today is your birthday
without candles and cake.
And since you are not with us,
we will not celebrate.
We cannot send you a birthday card,
your hands we cannot touch.
So we ask God to give a message
to the one we love so much.
And grant us one wish
and make it come true.
To have His choir of Angels sing
Happy Birthday to you.


~by Christine Ross~
Candles may be brightly burning,
Upon a special birthday cake.
Friends and family may be singing,
To what appears an empty space.

You see, that space is only empty,
To the normal human sight.
For my child is always near me,
With a spirit that is bright.

To touch may not be possible,
Although my child exists,
Not in a way you understand,
But with a presence that persists.

So celebrate this special day,
The day my child was born,
Even though you deeply mourn.

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