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~ Happy Birthday Angel ~

As we wake up in the morning
and your not here to see,
we grasp for some reality...
that our dreams can never be.

We'll bake a cake & buy balloons,
we'll burn a candle too.
We'll play your music, look at pictures
and shed some tears for you.

We'll imagine what the day would bring,
if only you weren't gone.
We'll sing the birthday song.
You should be here today,
excited as can be...
Sifting through the birthday wrap,
bursting forth with glee...

But God had other plans for you,
these plans, we'll never know.
Today, the candle burns,
In memory of you.

We'll do our best to make it through,
this day we meet with dread.
We'll do this all for you, my love...
on this road of grief we tread.

So on this day... my precious son,
You're 18th birthday ...
you’re in our hearts and in our thoughts ....
as we send our love to you.


A Moment In April
When the winter is gone
When the flowers start to bloom again
And the big day comes around
I will remember
How you came to me on that warm day.

In April
When your birthday comes
When I am saddened
To think you are already gone
I will remember
The sweet sound of your first cry.

In April
When I am overcome with fear
When I become afraid to open my eyes
And face the day of your birth without you
I will remember
What it felt like to be your mother
Even if only for a little while.

In April
When I feel the tears come
When I hide them and fight for a fake smile
So no one will know how very badly it hurts
I will remember
You, for who you were.

In April
When I weep for you
When I think of how little time
we had to get to know one another
I will remember
That, for that only eight years, you were mine and I was yours.

In April
When it becomes too much
When holding my head up is impossible
Because there are too many memories and too little time
I will remember
That you are happy and one day we will get the chance
to make up for all our lost time.

In April
I hope you have a birthday that
Brings you smiles and so much more, my darling little boy.
Even though I won't be there I will be thinking of you
the whole time. It may hurt and I may cry but I
promise that this hurt will never compare to the love
and joy I felt the day you were born. I just can't
believe that fifteen years have gone by since that day.
What is even harder to believe is that you are already
gone by. I know that I would have planned you a
spectacular party, if only I had gotten the chance.
Happy birthday my son.
Mommie still remembers and always will.

Love always and Forever


Today is your birthday!!
All I can give you is the love in my heart
You know it's always there,
No gifts can reach you now
Only you know how much I care.

There'll be no candles
No decorated cake this year,
Only memories of you
As I shed another tear.

There'll be no hugs this year
No sweet voice in my ear,
Saying "I love you Mom"
Oh, what I'd give to hear!

Instead I light this candle
In memory so true,
Until we meet in Heaven
Please know that "Mommie loves you".



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