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The grave has been completely altered now.  With every season Rashid's grave changes also. I put down fresh flowers in the spring, decorate a christmas tree in the holiday season. I buy little statues and figurines on my holiday trips and put them on Rashid's grave and in the winter the grave is often covered with snow. 


As a headstone we chose a bear. 

The bear became our symbol for Rashid, who as a toddler was my little bear, who was as strong as a bear during his illness and who had been as cuddly as a teddy bear all of his life. And also because Karim used to read to him from the booklet "Goodnight Little Bear."


Right after Rashid died Karim made a beautiful poem for his little brother. We intended to print this poem on the thank you cards, but we decided to place Karim's poem on Rashid's grave, close to Rashid.  


The translation of the poem:

That last time when I was with you
And I read to you from "Goodnight Little Bear"
Time and again

That time was nice, but you had pain many times
that you don't have to suffer from now anymore

It is over now, but it all went so fast
It is difficult for me, but better for you

Rashid's grave in the snow. Because another new year had started without Rashid I lit some small sparkling fireworks on his grave, four, one for every year that he was no longer with us. 


We started to restaurate the statues on Rashid's grave. This is a lot of work, because they were very damaged due to the sun, the rain and the cold.   

Karim is painting Woody here. We hope to be able to replace the statues in October 2004. 


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